Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Annual Mission Meeting 2012

Luau 2012 at our Annual Meeting
Every year we travel to South Africa for our annual mission meeting.  We are always excited to see many of our friends each year.  This kids try to squeeze in a year's worth full of fun with their mission family to make enough memories to carry them to the next year.  Each year a different church from the States will come and facilitate much of the activities for us and our children.  We travel 3 days through several countries to attend this meeting and, needless to say, there is always some excitement along the way.  This year we were turned back at the Zimbabwe border.  We spent a whole day traveling and ended up right back where we started.  In the midst of being turned back we wondered why do things like this happen here so often and why does everyone need to be bribed to do things they are already being paid to do correctly.  There is always frustration when you feel violated by corruption.  As you look into the eyes of a national and wonder how they do not see the wrong in what they are trying to do.  You want to pull your hair out and throw a tantrum at the terrible inconvenience they have caused costing you time and money.  Then days later you thank God as it was His hand turning you back and had nothing to do with evil or corruption getting in your way.  After returning to Lusaka on the same day we left, we needed to change vehicles and acquire different paperwork for that vehicle.  We left early the next day to cross a different border.  Success!!  The rest of the trip was without incident.  After arriving in South Africa we called our logistics coordinator and he advised us that another missionary in Lusaka had needed to use our vehicle (the other which we had originally planned to drive to South Africa and had to leave in Lusaka before trying to cross another border) and the transmission had completely messed up and had to be taken to the garage.  We would have been in the middle of Zimbabwe and broken down.  See!  I am reminded to listen to God even when I think He is not speaking.  Do not let the evil of this world bring you to compromise, even in the smallest of things.  We arrived at our annual meeting and shared a wonderful week together.  The wonderful members of the Perryton Baptist Church team were so giving to us and our children.  They made it such a memorable time with our mission family.  Already looking forward to next  year.

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