Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nkoya New Testament Launching Ceremony

* Please note that this post is a little out of order.  Upon a change within the blogspot it rearranged this post and wouldn't let me edit.  So, sorry for this mix up.

Many of you know that a people group we serve here in Zambia are the Nkoya.  They were the original owners of this land Kaoma, formally known as Mankoya.  I love when I meet an older Zambian in the Eastern, Northern or Southern part of Zambia and they refer to it as Mankoya.  The Nkoya Bible  has been in process of translation for many, many years.  The New Testament has been completed and the project is presently working to complete the Old Testament.  It was quite a day as we all came together to celebrate  the arrival of 10,000 copies of the New Testament in Shinkoya. 
Mike presenting a New Testament to the Chief.  It is quite a friendship that his been built between them through the process of God's call to this project.  We value his trust of us to work so closely with the people.

They continued to arrive throughout the morning.  Many having traveled from far places just to be in attendance today. They amaze me!

Yes, this is often what I will end up seeing through my camera lens.  People taking pictures of me taking pictures.  Always makes me laugh!

They marched in the street all the way through the town and arriving at the assembly hall rejoicing and singing all the way.  I was unable to capture a photograph of just how large this group was that had just arrived, but I was moved to tears at their arrival.  As this project has steadily marched on, its incidental days can begin to overshadow the great desire the people have for its completion.  In this moment God comforted our hearts for the call to this project and allowed us to see just how many were standing with us.  

Chief Mwene Matondo attended the New Testament Launching Ceremony.    Years ago, as a younger man, the Chief worked as a translator himself on the New Testament.  It is a great desire he has to see this work come to completion in his lifetime.  

It was a sweet time as the crowd watched the video messages sent from churches in the States.    It appeared to give them such a feeling of acceptance.  That these groups of people in the States pray for them specifically, know who they are, and reach out to them to help with this project.  I loved sharing this time with them.  

A very important group in attendance are the reviewers.  This group is faithful to spend many different weeks throughout their year to come together and work in all-day, week-long sessions reviewing books of the bible.  They are such a behind-the-scenes, committed group.  They even have their own choir and performed at the ceremony.  Their hearts are so committed to this project.  You can even see it in their time of worship.  Without them, the Bible could never be completed.  We are so thankful for them.

Many choirs came to attend and perform during the ceremony.     No sound system needed.    They put everything they have into a performance which can be easily observed by onlookers.  The amount of talent is amazing.  I could sit and listen to them all day.  You will be taken into the rhythm of their choruses and then be overwhelmed by the translation.  Powerful words from scripture!
The Kaoma High School Assembly Hall
People were beginning to gather for the launching ceremony of the Nkoya New Testament.  
It was a long, hard, and HOT day!  Stacey took a moment to meditate on the day!  I mean, afterall, the toughest job is having to be CUTE ALL DAY!  She does well at that task!

It was a special time as Mike gifted New Testaments to all the local pastors and the project translators.  Many of them have heard about this project for years.

Tyler is usually always helping behind the scenes to help make sure things happen.  He is getting bigger all the time and I, as his mother, am glad that he has some muscle.  He does alot of the lifting now and leaves Mama to stand and watch.   He was moving all about on the day of the ceremony to help his Daddy get things where they belonged.

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mleveron said...

Dear Smith Family,
You just never know who might be praying for you!
Just sat and read thru your blog and felt like I was right there with you!
The IMB posted a prayer request for a new church you've started and I followed the link to this blog. (The Howards are our friends and stay in our missionary house. We did the MK VBS for Zambia in 2005 or 2006, so anything Zambia grabs my attention.)
Thanks for what you are letting God do through you and I am praying for you and your precious family just now!