Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Katunda Baptist Church
Just a handful of these people met under a tree several years ago along with a volunteer team from the states.  Not far from that tree, every Sunday, that handful of people and many others gather at this place, Katunda Baptist Church.  It has not been without growing pains, but nonetheless, growing all the same.   I have watched them work through difficult issues facing the church and the community.  I have seen how God has used them to encourage each other, as well as, reaching out to those in the surrounding villages.  They press on though rumors abound as to the belief that they are all Satanists.  They press on though the other churches in the area believe them not to be serious because their building is not substantial enough nor does their choir have uniforms.  They press on though visitors may come and go.  They delight in the Word of God and its truth.  They delight in a grace given to them freely.  I have shared so many wonderful days with them as a church and as friends.    Pray for them as they continue to grow as believers and as they work together to establish the church.

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