Monday, August 19, 2013


What a precious day to be a part of in Mongu, Zambia.  For the past few years Mike has traveled just about 2.5 hours West of Kaoma to the Provincial Capital, Mongu.  We have two colleagues who have spent over 10 years working in that area.  One of those missionary ladies had a dream of starting a Bible School in the Western Province.  She had a church who agreed to send their pastor many times a year to help train these students.  Along with this pastor, Mike and another missionary from the area trained these students over the past three years.  Mike would return home after a week of teaching and share with us about the students and their testimonies.  Even though on this day of graduation I had never met any of these men, I couldn't have been more admiring and proud of them.  The first graduating class of Mongu Bible School.  As I watched these men take a stand before the audience that day, my mind was set on arithmetic.  Sometimes, when I am out sharing all the stories and bible studies I work hard to prepare with the ladies at our weekly studies, I think "How on earth will I ever get this completed? How will I ever have them trained well enough that they might tell others?"  Then, God reprimands me in my heart and reminds me to just do what He says and he will take care of the arithmetic.  The "Math"!
Sorry this picture is a bit blurry.  The first graduating class of Mongu Baptist.

Sending out 6 trained men to various parts of the Western Province.   Praying for the Multiplication!

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