Friday, March 22, 2013

The First Step

The church had only been meeting for a short time at its new location and still only a few months old of meeting together at all on this day.  But, we had spent much time in Bible Study together.  I have spent countless times in various places as a message from God's word has been shared and sang through many choruses of "Just As I am" or some Zambian Hymn.  This day it would be a young man to lead.  Kebby is just a teenage boy, but he stepped first, opening a gate for the others to have freedom to do the same.  He was busy fighting his own battle, standing there in a crowded new church among new people.  Nonetheless, he stepped and went to the front.  He knew there was sin in his life and he wanted to be forgiven.  He wanted to give his life to Christ.  I wondered as he stood there speaking to the leaders if he realized just how many stood behind him, that had followed his lead.  I later told him that sometimes there are so many wanting to make that step, but are in such fear.  So many that yearn to have someone else make the first step.  I told him that God had not only changed him that day, but he had already used him for his glory by giving him courage to take the first step not just for himself, but for so many others.  He smiled when he realized what I said was true and how God had already shown Himself by using him.

Even though just a young boy, he does an excellent job when the choir director puts him in charge of the entire performance.  Even I cannot help but beam with pride as I watch him take control of this beautiful group of Zambians and lead them in a sound as wonderful as what I imagine heaven must sound like.  We are privileged to watch this young man being transformed by God and the changes in his life.

Kebby following his heart and being baptized before the crowd at the Luena.
In true Kebby fashion, unashamed, he went first before the crowd that gathered that day at the Luena River.  I stood there knowing the pride of his family as we watched him tell the world, "My life is the Lord's".  Now it is easy to say he is as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside.

After a long day at our second baptism, Kebby was still all smiles.  Never have I greeted him that I have not been met by this precious smile.  Pray for Kebby as he works diligently to catch up on some delays in school and as he continues to walk down this path God has for his life.

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